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Exam Classes

Exam Classes
Ballet, Jazz & Tap

Hype Danz is pleased to be offering examination classes.  Examination classes will take place during the month of June for students interested.  Examinations will be offered in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap through the British Association of Teacher’s of Dancing.  


Upon completion of the required sessions of examination classes, students are eligible (at the directors discretion) to take a professional examination.


Upon completion of the professional examination and a passing mark, students will be given a certificate/medal for their achievements from the British Association of Teacher’s of Dancing. 


If you are interested in having your child participate, please contact the studio.


The British Association of Teachers of Dancing was the first professional dance teacher’s association to be established in the year 1892. From this early beginning they have now grown to cover the whole of the UK and have members on five continents.The Association organises refresher courses, festivals, seminars, championship festivals,instructional sessions and annual conferences. Professional and amateur examinations are available in Tap, Jazz, Modern, Stage, Ballet, Acro-Gymnastics, Highland, Scottish National, Dance Exercise, Majorette, Disco, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Latin American, Modern Ballroom,Classical, European National and Country Western Line Dancing. The British Association of Teachers of Dancing is represented on the British Dance Council, The Stage Dance Council International, The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing, The Central Council of Physical Recreation and is a Corporate Member of The Council for Dance Education and Training.




• Examinations give students a  memorable experience and present an opportunity to be critiqued and evaluated by a professional examiner.

• Examinations encourage each student to work harder in order to develop their personal potential and to maintain that potential throughout their dance training years.

• Examinations are certified and successful candidates receive certificates and/or medals for their achievements.

• Examinations help students to develop better technical discipline and encourages proper and professional grooming.

• Examinations allow students to enjoy a better sense of dance and helps to develop a positive attitude, supports good competitive values along with enhancing stronger performance abilities.

• Examinations give students the opportunity to train to become a professional teacher in whatever discipline they choose.


There are special grooming requirements expected from all students when participating in examinations.  These requirements are set out in a booklet from the BATD.  Please ask if you wish to view it.


Examinations are broken up into different

sections, depending on the level of the dancer.  All examinations are marked accordingly taking into account the dancers entire examination as well as their grooming and presentation.  A successful mark will result in advancement to the next examination level.  Marks are as follows:

Honours (Grades Only)

Highly Commended 


Pass Plus 




Classes for examinations are held

during the summer, with the examination being conducted at the end of the session.  Please note that examinations could be held during the day which could require dancers and/or parents to miss school and/or work.  Classes are broken up into 10 sessions.  Dates for will be posted in March 2022.  



Jazz/Tap or Ballet - $480

Jazz only / Tap only - $240

Jazz, Tap and Ballet - $900

Jazz and Ballet or Tap and Ballet - $720

*Please note there is an extra cost for each examination as listed.  Also, there could be an extra cost for attire and shoes needed for the examination.





Pre-Primary - $25        Pre-Bronze - $32

Primary - $27              Bronze - $39

Grade I - $39              Silver - $42

Grade II - $46              Pre-Gold - $47

Grade III - $56           Gold - $52

Grade IV - $69           Blue Riband - $57

Grade V - $79             British Medallion - $66

Elementary - $96         British Award - $69

Intermediate - $110     Premier - $94

Advanced - $130       


*Prices are last years prices and are subject to change based on changes by the BATD.

**Levels taken are at the directors discretion.

Exam Classes

Hype Danz is pleased to be offering examination classes in AcroDance through Acrobatic Arts.  Examination classes will take place during the dance season.  

This new AcroDance program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Developed with input from professionals and experts in ballet, modern, jazz, contortion, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, sport acrobatics, yoga, acro yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, hand balancing and more, you will not find a more comprehensive program. Dancers who train through Acrobatic Arts have balanced development, are stronger, more flexible and fearless.  Studios that implement this program will see dancers with more skills, who have fewer accidents and are less likely to develop chronic injuries.  


We are excited to offer this new class for anyone that is interested.  This class will not participate in the recital, but is devoted to improving acro skills and examine dancers in the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.  Students will work through different levels (each student will be different) and when ready, we will schedule Acrobatic Arts exams to take place at the studio (or at another studio if not enough entries are ready).  


Acrobatic Arts examinations are designed to motivate dancers to excel.  Dancers will work through 12 exam levels (6 to start and the other 6 when we (teachers) have completed Module 2 & 3 teacher training), each designed to create a well balanced acrobat, including elements of flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling.  Examiners will evaluate dancers against a set universal standard.  During the exam, the examiner will direct the class through different elements and will critique and score the students.  The exam will be graded Superior, Excellent, Highly Commended, Commended, Pass or Retry based on the scores achieved for each element as well as grooming and attitude.  Students completing the level they are being tested for will receive a certificate to commemorate their achievement.  Students who receive a grade of Superior will also receive a custom medal.  All students will receive a report card complementing areas of excellence and suggesting areas for improvement.  Dancers who complete all 12 levels can take a Teacher's exam and upon successful completion, will be granted Certified Teacher status!


There is no pre qualification necessary, they just have to be a minimum age of 5.  We will start each student at level 1 to make sure they know all of the skills, and then each student will progress based on their skills and abilities.  For the exam, they could potentially progress to a higher level and get to skip the earlier levels, each dancer is different.  More information will be given regarding the exams when the students are ready to take them.  Please note, there is an extra cost for the examinations (dependent upon each level they take and how many they take). 

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