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Competitive Dance Classes

Competitive Dance Classes

Competitive Dance Classes are offered in multiple styles of dance for all ages and ability levels.  

All classes include learning of steps and progressive skills specific to each dance form and level of competition.  All instructors are mUvmethod certified and will take classes through age appropriate and safe stretching to improve mobility and flexibility.  Overall, Hype Danz aims to provide quality dance instruction in a postive, nurturing and fun environment.  

Competitive Levels
Can compete in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Acro, Hip Hop & Contemporary



Ages 4-6 - Compete in 4 competitions

Train 3 days per week


Ages 7-9 - Compete in 4 competitions

Train 3 days per week


Ages 10-12 - Compete in 4 competitions

Train 3 days per week


Ages 13-14 - Compete in 5 competitions

Train 4 days per week


Ages 15 plus - Compete in 5 competitions

Train 4 days per week

*All competitive students MUST take JAZZ and JAZZ LINE/LRG GROUP.
**Director will place students in companies based on age, skill, technical expertise, experience, performance, attendance, etc.   

*Minimum of 5 dancers per level/style to run. 

*See schedule for detailed days/ times.

*Extra rehearsals for the competitive team will be scheduled in February, March and April as needed.


*A competitive showcase will take place before competitions starts. Location to be determined closes to the showcase date.

Solos/Duets/Trios are available for anyone who is interested. They run from the first week of October through to the first competition. Sessions are continued between competitions as needed.
There are approximately 20-25 classes in the year. Classes can be extended if needed.
*In order to compete in a solo/duet/trio, you must take a competitive class in the same discipline and be taking a MINIMUM of 3 group classes

 Shoes - Mini & Junior

Tap: Black leather (not shiny) mary-jane style tap shoes with screws holding taps, not nails

Jazz: Black leather jazz shoes with no laces or nude half soles (depends on costume)

Ballet: Ballet Shoes

Lyrical: Nude half soles

Acro/Contemporary: Bare feet

Hip Hop: Indoor Runners (style chosen by teacher)


      Shoes - Intermediate, Teen                     & Senior

Tap: Black leather shoe style tap shoes (not mary-jane) with screws holding taps, not nails 

Jazz: Black leather jazz shoes with no laces or nude half soles (depends on costume) 

Ballet: Ballet Shoes

Lyrical: Nude half soles 

Acro/Contemporary: Bare feet

Hip Hop: Indoor Runners (style chosen by teacher)


Ballet/Stretch/Technique Classes

3 x per week for Mini, Junior & Inter Company

4 x per week for Teen & Senior Company

Choreography Classes

1 time per week for all styles


Tap & Acro Technique Classes

1 x per week for ACRO

Acrobatic Arts Class ($200 extra per year)

Students are eligible to take acro exams through this class if deemed ready

Tap Technique class will be added on to choreography class (no additional cost for this)

       Competitive Class Prices 
                          (13% HST Included)

Price per style and child 


$1000 per style, and $500 per style after that


$1100 per style and $550 per style after that

Prices include all competitive classes. For every style of competitive dance taken, your receive one recreational class free (costume is extra)


Price does NOT include the following extras:
Costumes: $125-$350 each 

Competition Entry Fees: $50-$70 per student per dance

Competitive Jacket: $170-$180 each (Blue/black bomber jacket)

Makeup Kit - $70-$140 each

Payment Plan 

Cheque, e-transfer or cash payment 

Multiple payment options available

Payment Plan 1: Full year

(Dated September 12, 2022)

Payment Plan 2: 2 instalments

(Dated September 12, 2022 & February 1, 2023)

Payment Plan 3: Monthly payments

(1st of the month for 10 months dated September 1, 2022 to June 1, 2023)

  ***All cheques must be submitted for entire dance season upon registration. Cheques can be made out to HYPE DANZ

Hype Danz Competitive Dance Brochure 2022/2023

Hype Danz Competitive Schedule 2022/2023

Hype Danz Competitive Registration Form 2022/2023

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